I’m not who I used to be.
The way I see myself now is the exact opposite of what it was even 6 years ago.
I used to think something was really wrong with me.
I thought I needed fixing.
I was obsessed with being perfect in every way I could.
I really really wanted a man to love me. It was so important to me.
I was so anxious, I worried all of the time.
I thought I needed to be thinner. I obsessed over what I ate. I hated my body.
I just wasn’t a happy person.
I was a chronic people pleaser. Everything I did was to try and win the approval of men, friends, family, everybody.
I had this moment during 2014 where everything was falling apart.
This guy I was completely in love with didn’t want to be with me, and it destroyed me.
I took his lack of interest really personally. I remember crying to myself as I thought about this, processing the rejection I felt.
‘Nothing will ever make me truly happy unless I can find happiness within first.’
This realisation changed the course of my life.
I stopped dating instantly.
I moved to the other side of the world.
I started working on myself.
I committed to learning to love myself.
I invested in programs.
I changed.
Bit by bit I found myself. I started valuing myself. I started building up my self worth.
I started playing with manifestation, I started finding my own power, I started consciously creating.
Bit by bit I shifted and aligned different areas of my life, and my reality reflected back the work I had been doing.
Shifting my relationship with myself changed my world before my eyes.


The path to loving myself was the most important self development work I have ever done. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I wanted to bring this program to you to remind you or who you are, and to change your relationship with yourself at your core. This will be run throughout November however you will have access to the content after the program finishes to revisit.

My intention for this container is for you to shift who you are inside, permanently.

You can have millions in the bank

You can be married to the man of your dreams

You can have your dream body

You can be surrounded by amazing people

But none of it matters if you don’t like yourself.

Your relationship with you determines the quality of your life in every moment. 

When that is solid and powerful? The rest of your life starts to become magical.

I started the self love journey for me.

It lead me to manifesting the man of my dreams.

I released 10kgs of weight effortlessly.

I started following my passions and my business took off, making 30K my first month.

Bit by bit I changed my life from the inside out.

By truly learning to love myself, to listen to myself, to trust myself and to align with who I am.

I wouldn’t change the internal journey for anything.


You’re here to create a new life. I’m here to show you how.

Investment: $450 USD

Payment plan options:

Two payments of $233

Three payments of $166.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message and I can get back to you ASAP!