You’re already seeing some progress in your business.

You are signing clients here and there.

You are getting some amazing results with the clients you do have.

You absolutely love what you do, and know you are doing what is aligned.

You are making some money.

But you also know that you want more.

You want your business to be easier.

You want it to flow.

You’re sick of the overthinking and self doubt.

You want to have consistent 20K, 30K or 50K cash months.

You want to have the business you know you were born to have.


 I’m here to coach you through rapid expansion before 2020 is over. In this container, you’ll align with your next level business, by making manifestation a way of life.

Your goals will go from being overwhelming and out of reach, to feeling like they are the next logical step.
You are going to recognise that the business you’ve always desired is obtainable right now, simply by being yourself.
You will feel and discover the true power of magnetism.
You will remember who you truly are, and believe in yourself like never before.
You will have my support every step of the way, in the group and via our messenger chat.


– Learn the energetics of aligning with your desire

– Identify and release self sabotaging patterns

– Be more you and get paid more as you do it

– Step fully into your power

– Magnetise your next level business

– Release limiting beliefs

– Start to fully trust yourself

– 2 x 1:1 calls with me where we do the deep energy work and release what is stopping you + dive deep & create magic

– 5 group zoom calls where you can ask questions, get support, get feedback and shift your energy

– Unlimited group messenger support with the other mastermind members

– Access to Embody + Elevate ($1111 value) & a surprise bonus 

– Starts Wednesday 28th October

Trust me – you can have what you desire.

Everything is available to you. 

I know this because I’ve been where you are – wanting to break through and unsure of how to do it.

When I first started my business things flowed. I signed clients within my first week and built momentum over the following few months.

But then things stopped.

I found myself comparing my success to others, doubting my ability… and my sales fell.

I put so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out. I knew so much about manifestation and yet things were stagnant. I was questioning my prices, my messaging and my coaching abilities.

I was making 3-5K months at the time, but knew I wanted to have more of an impact, and make more money.

Things needed to shift.

In January 2020 I had made 3K. I had a ‘fuck this shit’ moment and decided to expand my business at a rapid rate.

Using what I knew about energy and alignment, and the tools I’d used to manifest my soulmate in 5 hours… I shifted my energy around my business.

February was a 52K month. After that 50K months were the new minimum.

My business has continued to expand since then, now making 100K + cash every month.

This is working by myself in my business, with zero paid ads, working 3-5 hours M-F,  fully being myself.

I don’t force. I don’t hustle. I leverage my energy to do the work for me.

I get paid to do what I love and to be myself. And I teach other women to do the same.

The Detail


The purpose of this mastermind is to step into your next level. To a space where you own who you are, what you desire and you magnetise it, ASAP.

You are going to decide how life is going to go for you from this moment forward. You are deciding the rules. You are claiming your desires. You are allowing it all in, right now.

Nothing is off limits for you.

When you are fully yourself, and you have a belief system that backs up you thriving in this space, magic happens. You are not here to change who you are. You aren’t here to be fixed. You are here to thrive.

When you show up in your business in alignment with your soul, the results speak for themselves.

I’m here to teach you how to do just that.

When you’re doing that, your business expands before your eyes. You magnetise the soulmate clients. Your income grows. You remember who you really are. You call in what you desire.

If you’re ready to be paid to be you, and to truly change the world, this mastermind is the space for you.

It’s time to allow more abundance, ease, flow and happiness into your life.

You’re here to create a new life.

I’m here to show you how.

Investment: $3333 USD

Payment plan options:
3 payments $1111.
or 6 payments $577.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message and I can get back to you ASAP!