First things first…

Once your payment has gone through, I will invite you into the Facebook group for the Mastermind once it is created.

In the mean time head over to the Embody + Elevate facebook group.
All the videos in the group were all recorded live & cover all things manifestation, alignment & abundance etc to get you ready for the Mastermind to kick off.

How it works

Purpose & Prosperity Mastermind will be held in a Facebook group so you can share your wins & ask questions anytime you want to!

The 5 group coaching calls will be held in the group, please keep an eye out for those times!  You will be added into the group chat for Unlimited group messenger support.

Please head to the link above to access to Embody + Elevate ($1111 program) + A surprise bonus 😉 will be coming to you soon! 

To set up your  1:1 sessions with me to dive deep, create magic and release what is holding you back, please send me a message when you’re ready (or now) & we will get you booked in!

Do you have a couple more questions? Click here to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.