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“Working with Emma has completely changed my life. She is a totally magical woman sent to earth to teach us how to come back to our souls and love ourselves. It is absolutely incredible and mind blowing the wisdom that pours out of her all day long. I have had such massive shifts in my life, my perspective, my relationship, my connection with my body, and my ability to listen to my intuition. I’ve learned what it actually means to have boundaries, to be in alignment, drop into my feminine, and just FEEL GOOD, and then live and manifest from that place. 

Emma is so lovely, so sweet, has amazing energy, has become like a close friend of mine, is funny and bubbly and ALWAYS there for support if I need her. I cannot say enough good things about her. To anyone considering working with Emma, she is the one. She always sets such a great example of living in flow, manifesting your dream life, and embodies her role as a coach all the time and is always providing value and being of service. So much gratitude and reverence for this woman!!!! Love you Emma! XO”



“I used to feel like I needed to control my relationships. Men would fall for what they thought they wanted, rather than seeing me for who I was. I never felt like I could express my emotions, my needs and wants, especially sexually as some men would feel inadequate or take it personally.

When I started working with Emma, I had come out of an emotionally abusive relationship, where my ex would tell me my feelings were crazy, I was making stuff up, and he would lie to my face.

I met my partner on Bumble and he is everything I could have hoped for and more. We communicate everything in our relationship, EVERYTHING. He plans a date night once a week, he has booked holidays and booked a trip with his family and me in August. He wants me to be involved in his life, to make decisions as a team, he listens to my advice and I am 1000% myself.

Our relationship feels easy and natural and like we are progressing in the direction, not trying to fix something that’s broken, but rather building on a strong foundation.






Emma has helped me turn my 5 year plus toxic relationship into something phenomenal! When Emma tells you that you can have anything and everything you want, that you can manifest whatever life you want…. she’s not bullshitting…they aren’t empty words.

I had lost all hope for anything positive coming from my relationship. We were down a horrible path to destruction and it all changed when I decided to work with Emma.

Everything I could have ever wished for and more has presented itself in my relationship. Everything that I doubted has fallen completely into my lap.  

Working with Emma has made me feel on top of the world.”




I was a woman I no longer recognised. I was scared, uncertain, ruled by guilt and self doubt after leaving my partner. He had become my whole world, I had given up nearly everything to stand by his side. One day I came home and he had beaten up my dogs, so I left soon after and started working with Emma.

I am 6 ft tall, I stand tall, I am confident in my beliefs and my intellect now. I can breathe again. My eyes sparkle, I know everything I am worth. Old friends are floored when they see me. They can see the life in my eyes again and the glow of my spirit. I’M BACK. I have now had my divorce granted.

I set my eyes on the man I wanted, and he is now mine. He is true, strong, gentle, courageous. I have never experienced love like this.

I don’t know how to explain the freedom there is in realizing your own power. I have lost 60 pounds now without dieting.

Thank you Emma for being a badass coach. Thank you for giving me back myself.”


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