Hear from my clients…




‘I started working with the amazing Emma Burgess in her May 2020 mastermind program when my income was $3000 a month at best.

Just a few short sessions later I have:
– identified and released restrictive tendencies (ones I had NO idea were even there before)
– continued to elevate my energy through her support and consistent guidance
– expanded to $12000+ months minimum
– have had many $3000 days

– magnetised so many soul aligned clients (who I LOVE to work with!!)

 BEFORE: I always looked toward the external approval – basing MY worth on what others thought – and judged my success based on other people’s reactions.

NOW: I’m embracing ME. Trusting who I am, knowing that what I say, do, think and- most importantly FEEL – is above all RIGHT and PERFECT. That I AM -as Emma would say- purely MAGICAL.”


‘I first discovered Emma during one of her live Facebook videos – in which she said, “If you hate your business, your business won’t succeed”. It was a huge moment for me as I had been feeling deeply stuck and unhappy in my business for a long time. Yet I loved the business – I had just lost sight of that. I joined the Aligned Mastermind course and it completely turned me and my business around almost immediately. Within 4 hours of our 1:1 call, a long sought after business partnership I had been chasing for 1 year, came together which changes the course of my business completely. Since then I’ve continued to see nearly constant improvements in cash flow and new opportunities. It’s been amazing. But most importantly how I feel is 180 degrees from where I started. I cannot thank Emma enough!’

Susan had a 75K cash week shortly after starting our work, and her sales are continuing to increase week by week. 






I’ve been working 1:1 with Emma for the past two months and had actually been following her for a month or so before reaching out to work with her. I was nervous but everything Emma speaks of in her posts absolutely aligned with me, so I knew she was everything I was looking for in a coach. I’m a career coach and a recruiter myself so alignment is everything for me and to be honest my nerves were more about knowing that I was the one who had to commit to the work. You see Emma’s unwavering passion, focus and desire to help her clients in this space is a true example of who she is at heart. She doesn’t do the work for you because that’s actually your job, but what Emma does do is offer an open, safe and supportive space to help you get to a place of true alignment with your desires. The self work doesn’t stop, it’s continual as we are forever evolving but what I can say is if you are looking to have true, positive and life changing results in your life NOW, then I personally would recommend working with Emma! Take it from someone who has over 10x my sales within 2 weeks from what I did a month ago and what was the difference? Me!!! I am the difference because I took a leap of faith, committed to the work, started the allowing and I have Emma to thank for getting me there. I am forever grateful. 

Kylie went from making 3K months to 45K + months. 


The new conversation is that it is easy. We were born to do the work that we were born to do. When we release and let go everything is possible. The past month has been so much easier having Emma in my back pocket. Having her by my side to reach out when I’m having a freak out and allowing it to be what it is. Then we can move through it together. It is so easy, beautiful, gorgeous and it is the way it is meant to be. Anything is possible when we work with the right people. I have gone from doing on average 6K months in 2020, and would go from making sales to self sabotage for months on end. Now I’m making consistent income, and have done 55K in January alone, after working with Emma for less than 3 weeks. 


I joined Emma’s group Becoming Magnetic at the end of April. My business was in peril and my business and personal funds were only good for 2 months at most. I was in a space of fear and worry… but as the trainings progressed, I started to trust and believe in me, listening and following Emma’s lead. I was so focused on following her lessons that I did not notice that cash and revenue started to flow from unexpected sources, sifting and sorting to get ideal clients became so much fun and my personal relationships became peaceful and harmonious. In August she started her Mastermind Group, and Emma and I had a one-on-one session – that’s when it all exploded!  Small wins in my business created a momentum then boom! I didn’t even realise that I brought in about $150,000 in cash flow and revenue! The processes that Emma shared have taken my life to new heights will be forever part of my DNA. Thank you Emma and I am truly grateful that you came into life – helping me to harness my power and continually aiming to master myself.

C. M

“I was depressed before Emma. I’d just walked away from an abusive marriage when we connected. Working with Emma was truly a magical experience. I started to call changes into my life immediately. I started to smile, genuinely SMILE… whole body smile! I lost weight (60 pounds) and I became me again, in every way. And then I called in my soon to be husband. The most amazing man I’ve ever encountered. And not only do I love him, but he LOVES me. He truly adores me. Very early on in our relationship we lit a candle. When it melted it was in the shape of a baby. Well I’m not sure it actually looked like a baby, but that was what we both thought immediately. And within months we were pregnant. It is like we called her soul back home. She is incredible. We are incredible. I am incredible. 

Thank you Em – thank you for shaking me up and showing me all I am.”

Ray – Ray is now married to her husband Coby and they have a beautiful daughter Lettie.

C. M

Having had Emma working with me over the last 18 months has completed changed my life. I’m fully me in a totally authentic grounded unashamedly awesome way. My dream of running my business- yes it leapt in to action. It’s been upgraded and I can say I have clients literally flowing to work with me every day. This isn’t woo woo. I don’t have to read any more self help books. I just checkin with myself, my desires, my worth, my energy every day. I’m my boss every day. I choose over and over. I can’t encourage you to invest in this work enough. I knew it was worth it. Yes I did worry how could I initially afford this. Within a week money came. I’ve never looked back and never thought it was a mistake. It’s been the best investment EVER. Emma is my forever investment. Totally amazing coach. Wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else.


Wow wow wow, I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been working 1:1 with Emma for only a month and so much has happened.

I’ve done all the free mindset work you can find, had healings and NLP, the works! I finally bought a course with another mindset coach and had a huge break through hitting a promotion in my business and earning my biggest month. But I knew if I wanted to continue to up level and quantum leap I needed to invest more in myself and I was craving that 1:1 with a coach who would call me out on my bullsh*t. I had been watching Emma for so long and one just knew I was meant to work with her. I know it’s an investment but it’s paid me back already!!! In a month!!

I’ve been striving for this promotion (it’s a biggy) for 4 years and hit it within a month of working with Emma. I’m also incredibly close my first 5 figure month!!! I cannot recommend her enough! 🙏🏼


Literally within 4 days of our first session, I quit the job that I thought I would have to wait 3 years to quit. Within a month, I had made nearly triple that salary as far as a net monthly take home. I manifested my dream home, a yacht, which I was able to buy in cash, using Emma’s principles and the methodologies that she teaches. These have become a staple of my everyday now. Beyond having a successful business, which I now do, I have a life that is lead completely on what feels good, or what feels bad. If it feels good, I do it without question. If it feels even a little off, I walk away from it immediately. This has been the foundation of me being able to do things like manifest $4,000 in sales in 2 days, and $7200 in sales in 3 days! If I align with $500 in the morning, and I really truly align with it, I know I will have $500 by the end of the day. If I align with 5k, I know that that’s what’s coming. If I do the energy work, exactly as she has taught me, the money comes. Every freaking time. This is a skill set that’s making me a lot of money sure, but it’s also allowing me to have a really amazing life. Thank you Emma!

Liz - Liz has now expanded to 50K months within 6 months of beginning our work.

Before working with Emma I was floating in the online business world as a coach. I’d already taken one Mastermind and still had crickets when it came to paying clients. I was busy downloading all the things, trying everything and following a zillion online entrepreneurs to figure out how this online coaching thing worked.
During our work together I shifted my focus from group programs (which I kept creating and never selling a single seat!) to focusing on 1:1. I got laser clear on who I liked to work with and made that clear on my social media and website.
I signed 3 new clients quickly.
Emma showed me a different way than following what everyone else is doing and to tune into my soul and do what felt in alignment with that rather than look outside of myself.
I highly recommend working with Emma as she’s a Master Manifestor and her energy and strategies will permeate through the phone/internet and into your world creating magic. 
The investment is worth it.


Working with Emma has completely changed my life. She is a totally magical woman sent to earth to teach us how to come back to our souls and love ourselves. It is absolutely incredible and mind blowing the wisdom that pours out of her all day long. I have had such massive shifts in my life, my perspective, my relationship, my connection with my body, and my ability to listen to my intuition. I’ve learned what it actually means to have boundaries, to be in alignment, drop into my feminine, and just FEEL GOOD, and then live and manifest from that place. 

Emma is so lovely, so sweet, has amazing energy, has become like a close friend of mine, is funny and bubbly and ALWAYS there for support if I need her. I cannot say enough good things about her. To anyone considering working with Emma, she is the one. She always sets such a great example of living in flow, manifesting your dream life, and embodies her role as a coach all the time and is always providing value and being of service. So much gratitude and reverence for this woman!!!! Love you Emma! XO


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