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“Working with Emma has completely changed my life. She is a totally magical woman sent to earth to teach us how to come back to our souls and love ourselves. It is absolutely incredible and mind blowing the wisdom that pours out of her all day long. I have had such massive shifts in my life, my perspective, my relationship, my connection with my body, and my ability to listen to my intuition. I’ve learned what it actually means to have boundaries, to be in alignment, drop into my feminine, and just FEEL GOOD, and then live and manifest from that place. 

Emma is so lovely, so sweet, has amazing energy, has become like a close friend of mine, is funny and bubbly and ALWAYS there for support if I need her. I cannot say enough good things about her. To anyone considering working with Emma, she is the one. She always sets such a great example of living in flow, manifesting your dream life, and embodies her role as a coach all the time and is always providing value and being of service. So much gratitude and reverence for this woman!!!! Love you Emma! XO”



‘Before working with Emma I was floating in the online business world as a coach. I’d already taken one Mastermind and still had crickets when it came to paying clients. I was busy downloading all the things, trying everything and following a zillion online entrepreneurs to figure out how this online coaching thing worked.
During our work together I shifted my focus from group programs (which I kept creating and never selling a single seat!) to focusing on 1:1. I got laser clear on who I liked to work with and made that clear on my social media and website.
I signed 3 new clients quickly.
Emma showed me a different way than following what everyone else is doing and to tune into my soul and do what felt in alignment with that rather than look outside of myself.
I highly recommend working with Emma as she’s a Master Manifestor and her energy and strategies will permeate through the phone/internet and into your world creating magic.

The investment is worth it.’






Emma has helped me turn my 5 year plus toxic relationship into something phenomenal! When Emma tells you that you can have anything and everything you want, that you can manifest whatever life you want…. she’s not bullshiting, they aren’t empty words. 

I had lost all hope for anything positive coming from my relationship. We were down a horrible path to destruction and it all changed when I decided to work with Emma.

Everything I could have ever wished for and more has presented itself in my relationship. Everything that I doubted has fallen completely into my lap.  

Working with Emma has made me feel on top of the world.”


I was depressed, defeated and lost. Yet, I didn’t know it. I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I was a survivor, a strong independent, didn’t need a man WOMAN. But once I crawled in bed at night, I cried myself to sleep. I so badly wanted to be loved but screamed to the world that I didn’t need anyone. I saw Emma in a group and we connected. We spoke on messenger for a bit and then on the phone. I thought her program seemed interesting but had sticker shock big time. Within a half an hour of talking with Emma, I was training with my dog again. It had literally been 6 plus months since I’d enjoyed training. So I thought, if I can enjoy such a simple joy again… what else can I enjoy…

Working with Emma was truly a magical experience. I started to call changes into my life immediately. I started to smile, genuinely SMILE… whole body smile! I lost weight (60 pounds) and I became me again, in every way. And then I called in my soon to be husband. The most amazing man I’ve ever encountered. And not only do I love him, but he LOVES me. He truly adores me. Very early on in our relationship we lit a candle. When it melted it was in the shape of a baby. Well I’m not sure it actually looked like a baby, but that was what we both thought immediately. And within months we were pregnant. It is like we called her soul back home. She is incredible. We are incredible. I am incredible.

Thank you Em – thank you for shaking me up and showing me all I am.”


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Let’s Connect