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Who is my 1:1 level coaching for?

  • You are already succeeding in life, but want to ramp it up – a lot
  • You want to have it all in every area of your life 
  • You take full responsibility and you are fully invested in yourself
  • You know you’re meant to have more
  • You are willing to do what it takes

Who is this not for?

  • You don’t believe you create your reality
  • You don’t take responsibility for your life
  • You want somebody to break down the how/strategy of business and success (yes, we might touch on this, but the core of my coaching is mastering your energy to create what you want)
  • You want somebody to motivate you or hold you accountable

In this program I cover –

  • Releasing resistance to what you desire
  • Stepping into your next level
  • Manifesting on demand
  • Making money from flow and ease
  • Changing your mindset to attract it all
  • Being who you’ve always wanted to be, now

This 4 month container includes:

12 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions with me. 3 per month.
Unlimited access to me through text/voice messages for the 4 months where magic happens day to day. 
The courses that I run during our work together. 


Investment: $23,000 USD.
OR 5 monthly payments of $5000 USD.

Any questions feel free to email me at

Please note: I have limited spaces available in my 1:1 containers and only take on a certain amount of clients at once. 

Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect