You’re here because you want more than what you are currently experiencing.


You’ve always been somebody who is willing to work for what you want. You hold yourself to high standards across all areas of your life, and yet when it comes to love, well, nobody is measuring up. You see women everywhere settling down with incredible men and you wonder why it hasn’t happened for you yet.

You know that you deserve love, but you’d prefer to just have the partner who will give you what you deserve.

Until now.


Hi beautiful, I’m Emma Burgess!


Not too long ago I was where you are. I loved my life, and I knew I wanted an incredible man to be a part of it. A man who would love me and give me what I’d been dreaming about. A man who I adored and wasn’t settling for.

I wasted months dating men I wasn’t that interested in, wondering where the one I truly wanted was. When I met one that measured up, the feelings weren’t reciprocated and it left me feeling frustrated.

I was really happy with who I was and knew I deserved an incredible relationship, so I was baffled as to why everybody else around me was in happy relationships and I was on my own. You see, I was going about pursing men all wrong. I was doing courses, reading books and going on so many dates, trying to meet my man, but nothing was working.

It wasn’t until I learned the power of manifestation and being in the energy of what I wanted to attract that everything changed. Within weeks of changing my thoughts and behaviour I was with Ben, the man of my dreams. Since then I’ve helped numerous women do the same.

Too many women are struggling when it comes to love. Spending years trying to attract a high value man and falling short, causing them to feel frustrated and unloved. They think that if they try hard enough, eventually it’ll all fall into place. Yet doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result never works.

You have to do something different. I want to make love easy for you. I want you to experience love that is honest, passionate and fulfilling. I want what you attract to meet the high standards that you have for yourself.

About Emma

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and have a wonderful partner Ben. Our relationship is deeper, more fulfilling and passionate than I ever thought possible.

I love travel – my favourite places include Paris, New York, Chiang Mai and Florence.

I love yoga and practice everyday.

I’ve spent years learning everything I possibly can about law of attraction in order to create an incredible life in every area and I love helping women do the same.

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Let’s Connect